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How to Fix the iOS Device Detection Problem of Syncios

3G,3GS,4,4S,5,5C,5S,6,6 Plus,6s,6s Plus,SE,7,7 Plus,8,8 Plus,XiPad, iPad 2, The New iPad, iPad mini, iPad coque s9 plus samsung silicone with Retina display, iPad mini with samsung s10 coque manga Retina display, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad coque samsung s9 mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad ProiPod touch (the 1 6 generation)Note: Syncios currently adds media management support toiPod Classic, which allows you to import/export media files between iPod Classic and PC.Occasion 2: Syncios Manager failed to download files.Generally, Syncios Manager works perfectly without using iTunes since version 6.0.2. And Syncios would detect coque gel samsung galaxy s8 your iOS device automatically when your /iPad/iPod is connected to the computer. However, if your iOS device is not detected normally by coque vintage samsung a5 2016 Syncios Manager, what should you do Of course, firstly please make sure you are running our latest version of Syncios Manager, but if it still failed Don worry, please check all the occations below, and follow the steps to solve your problem.Before started, you should be noted that Syncios Manager still needs some iTunes related service even if you don need to install coque silicone samsung s8 paillettes iTunes on your computer, Syncios Manager would detect if your computer has installed these files, if not, Syncios would download coque samsung j6 these needed files and service for you automatically samsung galaxy a6 plus coque chat when you connected an iOS device and launch samsung galaxie s9 plus coque Syncios.So if coque samsung s8 griffin it your first time using Syncios and you haven installed iTunes on your computer, Syncios would download these needed files for you automatically. If you encountered the failed error as the screenshot shows below, please do the following steps.Step One:If Syncios failed to download the needed file to your computer due to some network issues, please close the downloading window and Syncios, then launch Syncios Manager and try again.Step Two:If it still fails to download samsung galaxy s8 coque i blazon the files, in coque protection integrale samsung s10 this case, you have to download and install the newestiTuneson your computer. Please kindly note coque samsung s8 refermable that if you turly don want to use iTunes, you can simply uninstall it after the detection problems fixed, and next time Syncios would work properly on your computer.Occasion 4:Verify that Apple Mobile Device USB Driver coque samsung galaxie s7 edge tumblr is installed properly.If you still failed to detect your iOS device, please navigate tothis tutorialto verify that Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed.Occasion 5:Find Myis enabled when the device is connected to the samsung galaxy a10 coque cuir computer.In your , please tapSettings > iCloud > Find My , then turn off coque samsung a5 2017 folio theFind My option.Keep your device unlocked and connet coque samsung note it to Syncios again, click This Computer when you plug it to computer.Occasion 7:The device is in coque samsung a7 2018 blanche DFU or Restore mode.If the phone is in DFU or Recovery mode, hold down the Home coque samsung a70 button and Power button until the device boots up again, then release the buttons(you will see an Apple logo).Occasion 8:iTunes installed, but still failed to detect.If you installed iTunes on your computer before, and updated to the latest version, but Syncios still failed to detect your iOS device No worry, the bugs caused by updating iTunes on your computer are to blame for the detection problem. If in this case, please simply uninstall the iTunes and its related services from your computer, then do a totally coque samsung j4 new installation ofiTunes, which would fix the issue perfectly. The iTunes and related services needed to be uninstalled are below: coque a8 2018 samsung foot..

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